Coloured some twitter doodles. I’m betting Batsy has a Superman plushie lying around somewhere too. They probably bought them together…

Nicki Minaj - Selfie queen

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Louis McMiller by Billy George


I spent 7 days in Chicago shooting and wondering around aimlessly, just as I like it. always looking for some greater meaning out of ordinary life and ordinary people. my last day happened to feel like the best day, great energy from the streets, so much love from the Jackie Robison West parade (a great win for this city), beautiful light and great weather. I’m convinced that great work only comes to those who push through the hard times, to those who don’t take days off, and to those who believe in the dark hours. you can’t just pay your true love and craft a visit.. you have to live it, breath it, and eat it. keep going my friends.. photo by @evadeitch Chicago, 2014


Monica Martin is bae.



Patrick Johnson Tailors, 
cornflower blue shirt and dark chocolate tie

Always reblogging suits + Staffies.

cat gurrl

cat gurrl



And this is how I look today :)


I got fat stacks, fat cat stacks


I got fat stacks, fat cat stacks